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A Simple Plan

Sandwiches and Pie on Third Street

UD - simplethings sandwich & pie shop In just six days, you’ll be eating your way through a pie marathon.

And you don’t go from couch to marathon without a little hard work. So we think it’s time you get into pie shape.

Your trainer: simplethings sandwich & pie shop, a tiny place with pretty much every food you could ever need―translation: lots of sandwiches and lots of pies―opening Monday on Third Street.

It’s so white and small and quaint in here that it feels like you’re in the bakery of a Victorian dollhouse. (And on a first date, Victorian dollhouse = you… doing well.)

But let’s cut to the chase: the pie. They have pie in three sizes, from individual-sized pies to pie-sized pies. They have apple pie. Sour Cherry Pie. Orange Creamsicle Pie and Strawberry Shortcake Pie.

If that, some ice cream and an Intelligentsia espresso sounds like a square meal, you’re all set. Or you could start with a Fried Chix Sandwich (yes, that’s fried chicken on bread) or a Brisket and Cheese Sandwich (and by cheese, they mean mac and cheese).

And if you just remembered you’re supposed to make dessert on Thursday, just call up 24 hours in advance and you can pick up your pies as late as noon on Thanksgiving Day.

Any later, and tryptophan will render you immobile.


simplethings sandwich & pie shop
8310 W. Third St
(W. of Sweetzer)
Los Angeles, CA, 90048


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