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Latin Rock and Mojitos in Little Havana

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There was a time when you only ventured to Little Havana for hand-rolled cigars, piñatas and restocking your magnificent guayabera collection.

But things are changing in Cubaland. And by things we mean a dark, underground rock club with ample choices of Mexican beer and filtered mojitos (more on those later).

Welcome to Quiereme Mucho Morena, a Latin rock cave with the potential for offering you crazy nights in the key of flamenco-guitar, now open on Calle Ocho.

Imagine if you took the 1970s NYC club CBGB’s, fancied it up with some brass chandeliers, red curtains and gold walls, replaced the Ramones with Afro-Cuban bands and dropped the place a block away from the dominoes park. You’d have Quiereme.

A heads-up: the South American vibe is strong here. The owners are Venezuelan and the chef hails from Bogotá, so expect lots of Spanish rock on the weekends, when the place stays open till 4am. (For fans of bands with exclamation points, the funk group Palo! will be here the third Thursday of every month.)

Start with a plethora of Mojito Martinis (the mint and limes are strained out, making a clear cocktail). And when you’re sensing you’ve got the dancing confidence of a more flexible Shakira, head to the dance floor to bust out your famous hip-swiveling moves.

Which almost never lie.

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