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Ski season is getting underway, so naturally we’d like to talk to you about one thing: kites.

Fly one in a lightning storm and you’re liable to advance science several hundred years.

Bring one to the park on a spring day and you’ve got the ultimate wingman.

But strap one to your body while gliding across a frozen lake and, well... then you’ve got something special.

Introducing Colorado KiteForce, your spot for learning the (dangerously) fine art of kiting, or skiing and snowboarding while harnessed into a giant inflatable kite, taking reservations now for December.

It doesn’t really get more off-piste than this (seeing as though your skis will spend a good portion of the time airborne). Lessons start promptly at 11:30am and end at 4pm, which—as you know from your days on the professional full-contact windsurfing circuit—is the best time to catch a strong gust.

There, in a wide-open, powder-covered reservoir (the fewer trees, the better), caution will be thrown quite literally to the wind. You’ll begin in just your ski boots (and okay, maybe some pants), using a beginner’s foil kite and an instructor’s aid to familiarize yourself with the speed, balance and disorientation that comes with the temporary loss of gravity.

As you quickly progress, you’ll add in your skis or snowboard, while upping the challenge to one of their inflatable kites (think a water raft that’s suspended from your waist). It’s at this point that you’ll really be able to grab some air and pull off some of the more impressive stunts.

Ben Franklin would have wanted it this way.


Colorado KiteForce
275 Lake Dillon Dr
Dillon, CO, 80435

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