Dressing Like a British Gentleman in NoHo

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Don’t be fooled.

Sure, you bathed yourself in this past weekend’s warm blue skies, filming your own personal remake of Duran Duran’s “Rio” video on a yacht on the Hudson.
But like all endless summer dreams, this one has to end.

Or at least get covered up with a heavy overcoat.

To assist with this soon-to-be pressing matter, we’d like to introduce you to a hidden gem called C’H’C’M’, previously known only to a dedicated online following, now open in a (semi) secret NoHo basement.
Now, before you descend into C’H’C’M’ hungry for the latest in silk micro-tie and vinyl/flannel plaid shirting, you should know that you will find yourself in a shop that has embraced what can only be called the hipster British grandfather look...
As you climb down the stairs into the minimalist basement locale, laid out before you will be all manner of cardigans, tweed trousers, wool overcoats and other gear that suggests the poise needed to stoke the fireplace without spilling the brandy in your other hand.

What you’ll find are the best, most trim-fitting options from old-school brands—blackwatch plaid rubberized cotton Mackintosh coats, polka dot Drakes scarves, Sunspel henleys, Gloverall toggle coats, S.N.S. Herning nautical sweaters and Hentsch Man wool pants—ensuring that your regal continental gentleman of leisure look will be ready just in time for winter.
Hopefully you’ve been practicing fireplace stoking and brandy sipping.


2 Bond St
(between Broadway and Lafayette St)
New York, NY, 10012


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