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Replica Naval Gear for the Fall

UD - The Real McCoys You’ve got this special phone.

Only one person in the free world (well, not counting your mother) has access to it.

And when the President rings you up (say, a rogue military unit has taken over Alcatraz), your weekend plans suddenly become weekend missions.
But before you and your so-crazy-it-just-might-work team of mercenaries/golf buddies hop the next battleship for the Golden Gate, you’ve got to suit up.

Introducing The Real McCoy’s and their line of replica US Navy gear, ready for your unsanctioned government activities and midnight cruise buffet assaults, available online now.
Think of this as your chance to intimidate your toughest competition in the upcoming yacht demolition derby. Despite lacking a “Mom” tattoo (at least a visible one) or the customary harpoon scar, this cotton and wool outerwear collection lends instant credence to your claim of once taking the USS Gerald Ford for a joyride.
Though they were designed in Japan (home to all good US military gear), you’ll probably have a tough time finding more faithful reproductions of the CPO shirt, wool cap and deck jacket without the aid of stolen classified documents. But because this isn’t official property of the US military, certain liberties were taken with the final designs. The jacket, which has the standard shape, wool cuffs and torpedo-resistant (it’s been tested) cotton cloth shell of the classic naval deck jacket, was actually retrofitted with an interior lining of pillowy alpaca fur.
And as you know, they haven’t issued fur military jackets since the Franco-Prussian War.

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