Pie the Way

Introducing Pie in a Jar

There are things you thought could never be improved.

The Bowery burger. Runyon at sunset. Other things a gentleman never discusses. Like tacos.

But every once in a while, something comes along to change your outlook. Something like pie... in a jar.

Introducing All Jarred Up, an LA-based company bringing you glass-encased versions of your favorite pies, now available.

Standing proudly on the shoulders of cake in a jar before it, these pies come to you from the Valley―and they’re shipped the same day they’re baked to maximize that just-from-the-oven taste (no one knows freshness like North Hollywood).

If you’re wondering why you might want your pie in a jar, well, here’s why. Picture your next commute—you’re in your car, on your way to the Paramount lot. You’ve got your hot cup of coffee, your GPS, your script for Fired Up! 2: Even More Fired Up. And you start to feel a little hungry. You reach in the passenger seat for your 16-ounce jar of apple pie, pop the top and dig in. (They’ve also got a ton of other flavors, like berry, peach and pear.)

Of course, some days you don’t feel like pie. For those times, you’ll be happy to know that you can also get banana bread or cookies in a jar.

They’re still working on Salisbury steak in a jar.

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