Beer Run

A Secret Drinking Club That Runs

UD - Dallas Hash House Harriers After what happened last night at the Rangers ballpark, you need a beer. Make that a few beers.

On the other hand, Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so you need to watch your beltline.

Perhaps there’s a compromise in here...

Say hello to Dallas Hash House Harriers, a secret drinking club that balances their beer consumption with a brisk 10-mile jog, now taking new members.

Think of it as Chariots of Fire meets Beerfest. Here’s the deal: you’ll sign up for the email newsletter, and on the day of the “workout,” you’ll receive an address for where to meet. (They usually run every Wednesday, so you could begin as early as tomorrow.) You’ll also want to bring some money for beer (about $7) and a drinking vessel (your Boston Marathon winner’s cup should do the trick).

You’ll arrive at the agreed-upon spot—a parking lot, a street corner, a park—and get limbered up via a few beechwood-aged cold ones. Then you’ll take off, following a route marked by chalk for one to four miles, going through the woods, downtown or the burbs. Then you’ll reach a checkpoint (someone’s front yard or a bar) and have a few more beers. Then you’ll run for a few more miles and end at a place with a keg (usually a bar).

Then you’ll start replenishing those lost electrolytes...

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