Krav Maga DFW

Street Fighter

A Self-Defense Class for Winners

UD - Krav Maga DFW You’re pretty good with your hands. 

Index finger wrestling over bar tabs. Business card quick draws. And the bowtie-tying championship in Milan.

But it’s time those hands became weapons… trained by the Israeli Army.

Say hello to Krav Maga DFW, a self-defense program pulled straight from the training manual of the Israeli Army, now holding classes in East Dallas.

If you combined Steven Seagal's fighting skills with Tony Montana’s street sense (plus a dash of self-defense), it would be something like this. And while this program won’t teach you how to do a Van Damme roundhouse, you will learn how to leverage your position and body weight in a real-life situation. Like when an intoxicated Jean-Claude attacks you in a crowded bar after you punched through eight boards to his seven.

Your class will start with an MMA-style warmup (think animal crawls rather than punching jabs). Then, you’ll start learning the basics—you know, like how to get out of a sneak attack choke hold. (Hint: it involves a groin shot.)

And then you’ll be thrown into drills. You might have to fend off 10 choke holds in a row while they blast loud music (we’re thinking “Thunderstruck”). Or you could find yourself surrounded by six attackers with fake bats, fake guns, ropes and fake knives.

You should probably get the gun first.


Krav Maga DFW
718 N. Buckner Blvd
Dallas, TX, 75218

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