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Your First Look Inside Barcode

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Come next week, things will be different around here. Times are changing and the very fabric of this city will never be the same.

That's right: you'll have a new spot downtown for happy hour.

Introducing a sexy new spot for pizza, cocktails and late-night discussions of Fed policy (okay, maybe not that last one): Barcode, soft opening next week.

This is not the kind of place you're going to come for a quiet after-work scotch. Or a quiet anything. No, this is the kind of place, dotted with huge communal tables and even huge-er booths, where you'll break bread (and possibly other things) with a whole brood.

Your first experience here may be treating some colleagues to a lunch of brick-oven pizza and “oh, why not” cans of Moo Thunder Stout. (Tip: make your way to the end of the white marble bar, with two stools on the bartender's side of things).

But you'll be back at night with a madcap group in tow. (Let's call them the Ways and Means Committee.) Your conversation pieces: 10 flat-screens, a projection screen and colored LED lights blinking behind glass walls. Your small plates: meatball sliders and grilled calamari. Your cocktails: the Green Tea Mojito or maybe a Rose Kennedy (tequila, melon syrup and lime).

That girl loved to party.


1101 17th Street NW
(entrance on L St)
Washington, DC 20036


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