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Your New Team of Personal Trainers

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Your body is like a high-performance race car. It gets you places, Danica Patrick would probably enjoy taking it for a spin, and it occasionally takes an entire team of highly skilled technicians to get it tuned up.

Meet your new pit crew: Orange Shoe, a squad of personal trainers ready to tighten your belt and exercise the hell out of your gaskets, now open in Lakeview.

Frankly, their timing couldn’t be better, since this weekend’s candy corn will soon become endless rounds of eggnog milkshakes and pumpkin pies.

You’ll enter their Lakeview facility—which sort of looks like CB2 went mano a mano with Quads gym—and sit with a trainer to discuss your goals. Lose 10 pounds. Gain 10 pounds. Turn that six-pack into a 12-pack. Whatever. They’ll gauge your commitment level, your schedule and whether or not you consider Egg McMuffins a food group. Then it’s go time.

Then, unlike with most gyms, you’re not assigned a single trainer—instead, a team of trainers is responsible for your fitness. This is your pit crew: each morning, they meet to discuss your progress. They’ll decide if you need more MMA-inspired cardio or more free weights; more old-school push-ups or just more old-school Russian kettlebell workouts.

You can never have too much kettlebell.


Orange Shoe
3845 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL, 60613


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