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The Movie Theater Bartender Has Arrived

UD - West End Cinema It takes a lot of people to make an amazing movie: a director, some key grips, a few personal chefs for the key grips.

But you’ve always felt like someone was missing: a good bartender.

Introducing West End Cinema, a three-screen movie theater opening Friday to add a little whiskey to your next double feature.

You might have taken in a movie here a few years ago, when it was known as the Inner Circle. But like the Terminator or Jason, it’s back... with a twist.

Your best move is to show up early for some cinematic pre-gaming—you’ll feast on roast beef sandwiches or baklava, along with some popcorn or chocolate. Oh, and there’s a bartender too, there to set you up with one of three beers on draft, a glass of bubbly or a gin and tonic.

As for the cozy theaters (with room for roughly 50 to 100 fellow cineastes), they’ve got a brand-new sound system and digital HD (as well as old-school 35mm projectors) to show mostly first-run indies, foreign films and docs, so you can expect runs of classics like Godard’s Breathless or Ramis’s Caddyshack.

As for opening weekend, you’ll get a slate that includes midnight screenings of the vampire flick Let Me In, James Franco’s Allen Ginsberg biopic, Howl, and a doc about gerrymandering.

Consider it a horror movie.


West End Cinema
2301 M St NW
Washington, DC, 20037

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