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Four Courses of Halloween Candy and Wine

UD - Candy & Wine You’ve had some sophisticated wine-paired feasts in your day.

Wine and poached Mediterranean octopus. Wine and doughnuts. Wine and In-N-Out.

Now, as Halloween approaches, you’re ready for the ultimate: wine and Halloween candy.

Introducing Candy & Wine, a four-course sugar fix available this Friday through Sunday at Vintage Enoteca.

As a kid, you knew which houses gave out the best candy bars—so this weekend, think of Vintage as the place that finally thought to unload some cabernet too. You’ll start off with candy corn paired with a California chardonnay whose buttery flavors bring out the yellow and orange parts of the candy. Then you’ll move on to Twizzlers and Starbursts, which match up with a fruity Spanish rosé. (It’ll also cleanse your post-corn-syrup palate.)

Then you’ll progress to heartier fare: think of the Baby Ruth and Twix bars as the candy equivalent of a steak, with a dark cabernet from Washington State. And then it’s obviously time for dessert, when you’ve got two options: a white-chocolate Kit Kat and a Moscato d’Asti with notes of peach, or a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup with a sherry.

And since you actually get a bowl of all the candy at once, you’re free to explore other pairing opportunities as you work your way through the four wines (about half a glass each).

Paul the Octopus costume: optional.


Candy & Wine
7554 W Sunset Blvd
(at Sierra Bonita)
Los Angeles, CA, 90046

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