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Pizza Partying in an Old Train Station

UD - The Luggage Room Pizzeria Sometimes coming up with a restaurant is difficult. It takes a lot of planning, a lot of analysis, number crunching, bullet sweating.

Other times it’s as easy as taking two things you love—in this case, pizza and train stations—and combining them. Ta-da.

Presenting The Luggage Room Pizzeria, a pizza parlor in an old train station luggage room, opening tonight in Pasadena.

First, some history: long ago, trains would pull right up to the high windows at the side of this room, and suitcases would come tumbling out to be stored until they were picked up.

But now, the proprietors behind La Grande Orange Café next door have turned it into a sort of classy pizza barn—the perfect spot to hold your next covert pizza party—decked with rustic red walls and a chandelier-lit central bar.

You’ll hear the olive wood crackling in the 700-degree oven. And you’ll watch it churn out thin, crisp pizzas like the Hass Avocado Festival (avocado, basil, tomato and lemon zest) and the Rocket Man (red chilies, broccolini and roasted garlic) in about four minutes.

And because every good adult pizza party deserves cocktails, you’ll pair your pies with White Manhattans (the whiskey is clear) and Bijous (it’s grapefruit vodka and champagne). 

Go ahead, wear your conductor hat.


The Luggage Room Pizzeria
260 S Raymond Ave
(north of Del Mar)
Pasadena, CA, 91105


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