Hidden Passages at Natural Bridge Caverns

Captain Caveman

Rappelling Cave Walls This Weekend

UD - Hidden Passages at Natural Bridge Caverns We won’t be long.

We know you want to get back to Rangers-postseason tracking.

But we just wanted to tell you that we know of a dark place where you can rappel cave walls and wear helmets with flashlights on them, miner-style (without the mining).

Presenting the Hidden Passages at Natural Bridge Caverns, a three-hour rappelling, climbing and crawling course through one mile of caves outside San Antonio, now taking weekend reservations.

To start, you’ll get yourself to these San Antone-adjacent caverns and take a quick course in spelunking safety. Then, you’ll strap on your harness and flashlight helmet, descend some 100 feet using a single rope and stop when you reach an area shaped like a box. Here, the darkness, untraceable dripping noises and echoes will make you feel like a potential victim in Aliens. Just ignore that feeling.

Next, you’ll follow your cave-savvy guide down 230 feet by crawling, climbing and casually walking through the dark and wet caves. Then you’ll reach a well shaft that’s 50 inches in diameter, where you’ll lower yourself another 150 feet (so maybe don’t invite your friend Hurley from Lost).

Finally, you’ll come to a long and spiky cave design called a straw formation, which just happens to be the longest one in North America.

Not that cave length is everything...


Hidden Passages at Natural Bridge Caverns
26495 Natural Bridge Caverns Rd
Natural Bridge Caverns, TX, 78266

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