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A Gastropub for Strong, Sensitive Types

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In this world, there are street toughs, there are poets, and there are street-tough poets.

All of whom, it turns out, appreciate the beauty of a farm-fresh egg on your pizzetta.

Introducing Three Aces, Little Italy’s new gastropub for strong, sensitive types who demand good beer, good rock ’n’ roll and, well, let’s just say that better be fresh mozzarella in the cheese panini, opening next week.

Three Aces is dark, but in the very best way possible. Low ceilings, exposed bricks and lights reclaimed from Joliet Prison. (You thought they looked familiar.) You’ll find homages to literary bad boys like Algren and Bukowski on the walls, hanging on wallpaper patterned with microscopic pornography. (Note: remember your magnifying glass.)

For times when only the gravel-throated warbling of Tom Waits can soothe your turbulent soul, they have a booth where his portrait will look down upon you. And if that doesn’t work, there’s always the vintage Elvis pinball machine.

Sure, you could bring a date, but this is a place where you’ll want to prop yourself up at the bar with your pals, down a beer and a stiff Et Tu, Brute (rye, yellow chartreuse and maraschino liqueur). And when it comes to bar food, there’s fresh pasta, crispy pig’s ears and skewers of beef heart.

We’re not sure if that falls under tough or poetic.


Three Aces
1321 W Taylor St
(between Loomis and Throop)
Chicago, IL, 60607


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