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Dressing Like James Dean This Winter

UD - Schott NYC for Barneys New York We finally got our heat... all 90 degrees of it.

And yet, you know it won’t last. You know what’s coming. 

Fog. Wind. Rain. Chill.

In other words: leather jacket weather...

So welcome Schott NYC for Barneys New York, a new line of vintage-inspired bombers, peacoats and varsity jackets made in a 1913 factory, available now in Union Square.

This stuff was originally made to keep the US Navy warm, so it can probably handle any cold-water naval drills you plan to run this winter. (That Polar Bear Club in the Bay won’t start itself.)

You’ll find that most of these fit into classic leather-jacket mode—think G1 Bombers originally made for WWII pilots, and the Perfecto, famous for being James Dean’s jacket of choice, and now made in a lighter leather that makes it easier to break in.

That said, a few things have changed over the years: your typical navy peacoat now comes in plaid. And your typical brown bomber jacket has been updated with a revolutionary color called... black.

Okay, maybe not that much has changed.


Schott NYC for Barneys New York
77 O’Farrell St
(at Stockton)
San Francisco, CA, 94108

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