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Olympic-Style Sledding in St. Moritz

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We know: there’s not much time left. You have just three short years to train for the Winter Olympics, and you haven’t even picked a sport.

Our suggestion: ice dancing. But on the off chance you want something a little faster, well, we know a bobsledding place...

Welcome to Bobsled Training at the Kulm Hotel, a new way to launch your journey to bobsledding gold, taking reservations now for runs in St. Moritz this January.

This is home to the only natural bobsled track in the world, and you’ll have three ways to tackle it: first, there’s the bob taxi ride, where you fly down the course at death-defying speeds... with a skilled Swiss driver in control. Your second option is to take the reins yourself with something called the mono bob—basically, a safer, more enclosed version, where you can actually steer yourself.

But if you crave team Olympic glory—and we’ll assume that you do—you’ll want the multi-man bob training. You and nine friends (including at least one actual Bob) will have six days to train. You’ll have a trainer at your disposal, who will follow up your runs with professional video analysis. (Sort of like John Madden, but for bobsledding.) And at night, you’ll power up with six-course dinners before heading to the bar, where gymnasium-style rings hang from the ceiling (really), and a jacket and tie are required.

Which might make it hard to use those rings.


Bobsled Training at the Kulm Hotel 
CH-7500 St. Moritz 
+41 (0)81 836 80 00 
official website


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