Greece the Wheels

Dancing Greek Waitresses in Beverly Hills

Dodging valets, hurdling velvet ropes, participating in deal-making marathons late into the night...

Dinner on La Cienega is practically an Olympic sport.

So for your next power meal, we’d like to present a modern shrine to Ancient Greece. Welcome to Xandros, officially opening Saturday on Restaurant Row.

Past the blazing torches outside, you’ll step into the ouzo bar and start things off with the traditional Greek aperitif, served neat, or a round of Melimartis (vodka, Greek honey and a lemon twist) under an ancient-y stone wall with backlit silhouettes.

Then, you’re ready for a table by the windows—the whole front wall of glass opens onto the torch-lit patio, so it all becomes one big indoor-outdoor sprawl of Mediterranean classics, LA-style. The beef comes from the rolling pastures of Paso Robles, the zucchini in your Moussaka is organic, and, for a bit of extra Beverly Hills flair, a cheese dish called Saganaki is flambéed with brandy at your table. (Brandy and an open flame: always a good negotiating strategy.)

Oh, and there’s the small matter of your waitress. From time to time, as wine flows and souvlaki is de-skewered, you can expect her to put down her tray to indulge in a bit of traditional Greek dancing between courses. And be warned: she might think you look like the ideal partner.

Wouldn’t be the first time...


50 N La Cienega Blvd
(north of Wilshire)
Beverly Hills, CA, 90211


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