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Chocolates with a Kiss of Absinthe

What a perfectly dreary Monday.

It’s the kind of day that requires a little sweetness and light to counter the gray skies, cold winds and damp streets that greeted you on your commute this morning.

Since pouring some absinthe in your coffee is a little too extreme, we’re thinking chocolate. With absinthe.

Presenting Absinthe Chocolates from Brooklyn-based chocolate purveyors Nunu Chocolates, now available online.

Think of these little ganaches as the sugar high/druggy pick-me-up you can have at the ready anytime you look up from your spreadsheets only to see an equally fun-less scene out your window (aka the grim underbelly of fall). The chocolate itself is made using cocoa beans from Colombia, a region known for producing a wide range of excellent, happy-time-inducing mood enhancers (like... coffee).

You can order them in boxes of four, nine or 12 (our pick), and each one is filled with actual absinthe. This not only complements the rich chocolate, but produces a great way to sneak a touch of Van Gogh’s favorite de-earing drink into your 2:30pm meetings.

You’ll want to remove all knives from the snack room ahead of time.

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