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Sushi and Robata on West Third Street

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In terms of lunchtime atmosphere, it’s hard to do better than the three Rs: Robata, Ramen and swoRds.

Here to add a bit of danger to your next allegedly casual business lunch: Robata JINYA, soft-open on West Third Street as of today.

Step inside, and the sword behind the bar is the first thing you see―especially since there’s no booze there yet. (The liquor license should be on the way in a couple weeks, and they’re only serving lunch until then.)

Give your colleague/frenemy a knowing look and then proceed past a wall of ominous masks from Ehime, Japan, to a pair of seats at the back sushi bar. That’s where the flash of knives will bring you plate after plate of fresh sashimi, along with some of the namesake skewers of filet and chicken, as you renegotiate how tomorrow’s presentation will go.

Once dinner service gets under way, you’ll want to warm up an autumn date with a seat on the front patio for some sake and Tonkotsu Ramen (it’s pork). These people know their noodles—the owners are also behind that hallowed shrine to broth in Studio City, Ramen JINYA.

You’re still waiting for a Martini JINYA.


Robata JINYA
8050 W 3rd St
(at Crescent Heights)
Los Angeles, CA, 90048


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