Mix n’ Munch

Mixing It Up

Cereal, Grilled Cheese and You

UD - Mix n’ Munch Some days, all you want is cereal.

Some days, all you want is grilled cheese.

Here to help on either day is Mix n’ Munch, a little hideaway serving cereal and grilled cheese specialties, scheduled to soft-open this Saturday.

Inside, it feels like a cross between your grade-school cafeteria and the kitchen where you had a snack when you got home. At the counter, while Saved by the Bell plays on TV, you’ll peruse 25 of your favorite cereals (Apple Jacks, Cocoa Puffs), to be mixed into a bowl however you see fit, with toppings like fruit, nuts, chocolate chips and even caramel sauce. Or trust the in-house experts and go with the Chocolate Peanut Butter Delight—it’s Reese’s Puffs, Cocoa Krispies, walnuts, chocolate sprinkles and marshmallows.

If you’re feeling more sandwich-y, you can build your own grilled cheese masterpiece with everything from pickles to Spam, or opt for the Mix n’ Munch Cristo with gruyère, turkey and ham on egg bread dipped in french toast batter. (Yes, your combo will come with tater tots and a glass of milk.)

And for dessert, try one of the four dessert sandwiches, like The Elvis, made with peanut butter, bananas and bacon.

No word on The Zack Morris.


Mix n’ Munch
1005 Mission St
(east of Meridian)
South Pasadena, CA, 91030

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