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Food Trucks, Now Immobile

UD - The Food Truck Lot If there’s one thing you hate about chasing all those delicious food trucks, it’s... chasing all those delicious food trucks.

It would be nice if you could go to one food-bearing establishment that wasn’t entirely on wheels, scare up a stellar three-course meal and sit down at a table with a stiff drink in your hand. (There might already be a name for that kind of place.)

So today we bring good news in the form of The Food Truck Lot, open Tuesday nights in Santa Monica as of today.

To find this patch of concrete and innovation, just look for the California Heritage Museum’s lot on Main Street—that’s where it is. The food truck situation is a bit fluid, but tonight you can get Korean Fried Chicken from Ahn-Joo, Butter Chicken Curry from India Jones and, for dessert, ice cream sandwiches from Coolhaus.

And unlike your usual truck-related treks, this lot’s next door to the Victorian. So with tonight’s dinner you can expect to find two rather unprecedented food truck accoutrements factoring in: 1) Seats. 2) Cocktails. They’ll have tables set up outside, or feel free to take your meal into the Victorian’s Basement Tavern, where you can grab a couch and some bourbon.

There’s still no word on a couch truck.


The Food Truck Lot
2612 Main St
(at Ocean Park)
Santa Monica, CA, 90405

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