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UD - DC Ladies Arm Wrestling You’ve had an impressive run of successful weekends (154 in a row, actually, but who’s counting). Which means the pressure is on.

As always, we’re here to help—in this case, with tattooed, costumed women talking smack in a dark room. But for once, this will happen somewhere other than your place.

Say hello to DC Ladies Arm Wrestling, hosting its next tournament this Saturday to bring some rowdy, obscure (and beer-addled) sports to your weekend rotation.

Think of this as a cross between roller derby, backyard wrestling and off-track betting. You may recognize this no-frills room from any number of Congressional fund-raisers. But this weekend, it’ll be a bit... grittier. You’ll pay your $5 cover, grab a drink from the bar and find a place in the circle of rabid fans gathered around the adrenaline-soaked arena (otherwise known as a table and two chairs) in the center of the room.

Under a single lightbulb, you’ll watch as the likes of Holly Gofightly, Plunder Woman and Jenny Krueger tangle wrists. (Actual names, we promise.) Once you’ve got a sense of how this all works, you’ll want to make your way to the betting table, where they’ll take wagers on your favorite tough girls. All proceeds go to charity, but you’ll get a prize for being the best bettor.

No, it’s not a spot in the title match.


DC Ladies Arm Wrestling
at American Legion Post 8
224 D St SE
Washington, DC, 20003

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