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Where to Spend Halloween in Vietnam

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Halloween is a mere six weeks away, which means it’s time for two things: adding the finishing touches to your Zombie Bieber costume, and scanning the horizon for the weirdest place in the world to throw a party.

Welcome to Crazy House, a spooky Vietnamese maze of caves and melting concrete, taking reservations now.

Just find your way to a sleepy town called Da Lat, where there’s one particular street filled with quaint, traditional homes... and an ominous five-story slab of rock and gnarled vines that looks like it’s about to swallow up the house next door. Guess which one you’re here for.

Once inside, you’ll see the kind of place where Tim Burton would throw a holiday party after spending too much time at the zoo. Your host: Hang Nga, a Vietnamese heiress who spent decades (and staggering sums of her own money) building this funhouse.

As you work your way to your room, you’ll pass through a network of tunnel-style hallways broken up by six-foot-tall hummingbirds, lamppost-size mushrooms (sadly inedible) and fake floor-to-ceiling spiderwebs. Your guests can choose between nine animal-themed suites to match their costumes—ranging from “Termite” to “Kangaroo”—but you’ll want to set up the party in the stalactite-encrusted bar downstairs, under the watchful gaze of a concrete giraffe.

We’re 99% sure it’s fake.

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