Bacon Dawn

Finally, a Bacon Food Truck

UD - Lardon Some things are inevitable.

Sooner or later, you just knew you’d see Lady Gaga in a meat dress. Likewise, you just knew that one day you’d open up an email to find that there’s a food truck dedicated solely to the glory of bacon.

And here it is: Lardon, soft-launching tomorrow and determined to make the streets of Los Angeles a little more bacon-y.

In this case, we don’t really need to tell you the why, just the how. So follow the truck on Twitter, and when it happens to be in your ’hood (or when you happen to have burned some rubber to meet it), you’ll be treated to bacon morning, noon and night.

In short: Bacon Pancakes to start, or a Brioche French Toast Sandwich with Bacon Bourbon Maple Syrup and crumbled bacon for the meat. At lunch or after work, there’s the signature Lardon BLT, or Chicken Wings Covered in Bacon Hot Sauce... with hot sauce-covered bacon... and served with Bacon Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce. Don’t worry, you can also order a side of bacon, three pieces in a paper cone. Yes, it’s the Bacone.

And for dessert: a nice fruit cup. Just kidding—they’ve got brownies from Lark Cake Shop, topped with bacon Nutella spread.

And just like that, traffic got worse.
Note: <a target="_blank" href="">Lardon</a>, soft-launching tomorrow, fully operational Monday, <a target="_blank" href="">follow on Twitter</a>, <a target="_blank" href= "">see the menu</a>

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