The Bootcamp Express

Drills, Baby, Drills

A Boot Camp Comes to Andersonville

UD - The Bootcamp Express You take orders from no one.

Unless, of course, you’re paying someone to give them to you.

So welcome to The Bootcamp Express, a tough-as-nails, pay-as-you-go sweatbox in Andersonville that is up, running and barking orders as we speak.

Started by a pair of trainers who understand that things like showers, locker rooms and eucalyptus-scented towels are all well and good when you’re at the spa, but when you’re working out, sometimes you want something a bit more... militaristic.

The place is all corrugated metal and slate-gray paint—even a wall clock is made from a cast-iron 25-pound weight. Bring a towel and a bottle of water, stick them in a cubbyhole and get ready to sweat. The classes are led by tough-as-nails trainers with backgrounds in law enforcement, martial arts and... graphic design (killer Photoshop skills).

They’ll put you through your paces like benevolent, Pilates-trained drill sergeants: half the time you’ll focus on cardio (kickboxing, treadmills), the other half strength training (weights and elastic bands). So imagine it: you’re in the Army now. Or maybe the Marines. Or... whichever military branch has a fondness for pumping out high-energy dance beats while you drop and give them 40.

Nothing says military boot camp like dance beats.


The Bootcamp Express
1515 W Berwyn Ave
Chicago, IL, 60640

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