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Creating Your Own Wine Label

UD - Vintner’s Cellar Your wine collection is impressive.

You have a Chianti from a vineyard you stumbled upon during your third hike of Everest. You have a Pinot whose grapes were crushed by Italian foot models. You have a rare, semi-boxed sample of Franzia.

But one bottle of vino perfection is still eluding you: yours.

Say hello to Vintner’s Cellar, a custom winery in Plano where you can create your own wine label, now accepting new dynasties.

Think of this as your personal vineyard and wine-bottling estate, but without all the grape-watering responsibilities.

You’ll start by tasting everything from a Shiraz to a Riesling to determine the perfect combination of smokiness, oakiness and sour-appleness for your label. Next, the winemakers will concoct your multi-gallon drum of wine and set it aside for the six-week fermentation process. During the wait, you’ll dive into the creative process and develop the labels for the wine bottles. We’re envisioning a picture of you, on a boat, and lots of chest hair (think Tom Selleck in Magnum, P.I., but with a bigger mustache).

Post-fermentation, you’ll return to the winery to bottle, cork and label 30 bottles of your own vintage. We recommend grabbing a few friends for your corking assembly line, and later rewarding them with the best currency of all.

The yen.

 Just kidding—your wine.


Vintner’s Cellar
4025 Preston Rd, Suite 604
Plano, TX, 75093

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