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Sometimes you just want a steak. Plain and simple. Medium rare. In a steakhouse.

And that’s just what we’ve got for you...

Welcome Alexander’s Steakhouse, a tri-level temple of steak broiling up some of the city’s hardest-to-find cuts, opening Monday on Brannan for your next deal-making foray.

Between the three-story wine wall that greets you at the entrance and the lofty, brick-walled space, you’ll instantly realize that this isn’t your ordinary dark-wood and leather steakhouse. Instead, there’s a hint of Japanese flair from shoji screens and the sushi refrigerator that displays prized cuts of Wagyu and Angus tenderloins, filet mignons and porterhouse steaks where raw fish would normally be.

But before you beeline for a steak, you might want to hang out at one of the sofas by the window in the lounge with a bottle of cab or a sidecar, and then head upstairs to a white-tableclothed spot on the mezzanine. There are about a dozen choices—some exclusive to Alexander’s, like the Wagyu from Lone Mountain (the only 100% full-blooded Wagyu raised in the States). And some you won’t find on the menu, like the obscure marbled A5 Rib Eye Cap from Kagoshima Prefecture (the land of happy cows).

If it’s a date, the Tomahawk—a giant, wood-roasted, three-pound rib eye—for two will set the mood nicely.

As steaks named after weapons normally do.


Alexander’s Steakhouse
448 Brannan St
(between Third and Fourth)
San Francisco, CA, 94107


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