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Peking Duck Tacos on a Beachside Rooftop

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If you’re not careful, dinner in this town can start to feel a bit repetitive. Fancy restaurant, order the steak, say hi to fellow A-listers, etc....

But it’s nothing a little ocean breeze won’t cure.

Welcome to Zengo, your new favorite rooftop for Peking Duck Daikon Tacos and margaritas, opening this Friday at the new Santa Monica Place, two blocks from the beach.

First of all, yes, Santa Monica Place is a new mall. But next time you want an alfresco happy hour or a casual, boozy dinner date in the sun, you can easily avoid the mall part—just take the elevator on Broadway straight to the roof, where a breezy, indoor-outdoor sprawl of Latin-Asian food awaits.

Start things off at the bar inside, with some Three Citrus Shochu or Tiger beer (they’ve got 20 Latin and Asian labels to try out). And if the weather’s bad (or you just want to keep things covert), settle into a corner of brown leather and black concrete inside.

Otherwise, you’ll want to step between the movable glass walls for a seat out on the patio, where you can watch the sun go down over the water between bites of ceviche, Chicken Tandoori and those Peking duck tacos, which use slices of Asian radish instead of tortillas.

But the duck is still duck.

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