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Kenya’s New Safari-Side Lodge

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You’ve always enjoyed a good safari. The pith helmets, the zebras... the pith helmets.

But one thing’s always bothered you. The fact that you have to walk.

So say hello to Solio Lodge, a set of six African bungalows just steps away from a safari-ready game preserve, now taking reservations for its August 9 debut.

In short, it’s like having a nature preserve on your front lawn—complete with a central lodge for your après-safari needs. You’ll stay in one of the aforementioned bungalows, where your bed will look straight out into the wild, with only a pair of floor-to-ceiling glass doors between you and a couple hundred grazing rhinos. (You can assume they’re impressed.)

If you want a closer look, you can take a mobile safari in a vehicle of your choice—either in a Land Rover, on horseback or, best of all, in a helicopter. You can even jet up to the top of Mount Kenya next door for some high-altitude fishing. (Like A River Runs Through It, with leopards.)

And when your hard day of zebra-chasing is over, you’ll head back to the main building for a few medicinal gin and tonics in the downstairs bar, or a massage on the upper balcony.

Luckily, the impalas are too polite to stare.

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