Zero Zero

Zero Sum Game

A Bi-Level Pizza Den in SoMa

UD - Zero Zero You’re fine with subtle.

You know that more is not always more. But it’s not always less either...

So when someone throws together giant punch bowls, pizza and artisan ice cream, there will be no protest.

Introducing Zero Zero—a bi-level lair devoted to Neapolitan-style pies, Straus soft-serve and oversize punch bowls—opening next Wednesday in SoMa.

Named for the ultra-fine Tipo 00 flour that’s used for Neapolitan pizzas (apparently it’s the vintage Ferrari of flour), Zero is the sort of spot where you’ll want to get a group together to pile up on thin, blistered pies, cocktails by the bowl and sambuca-topped ice cream.

The elevated booths and long bar on the ground level are good for a quick beer and a few slices, but you’ll want to head to the more intimate bar upstairs under the Renaissance-inspired mural. It’s here where you’ll have the best vantage point to ponder the painterly expression of the story of pizza via still lifes of tomatoes, cheese and Pinocchio (a pretty loose interpretation).

Opt for the communal table with ample room for some rounds of punch, pints of beer and each of about 10 pies—including the sopressata/Hog Island clam combo.

And, as if potent cocktails and endless pizzas weren’t enough, the good folks at Zero are serving up Straus soft-serve, including the vanilla bean, olive oil and sea salt variety.

You know what they say about variety...


Zero Zero
826 Folsom St
(at Fourth)
San Francisco, CA, 94107

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