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Coffee and Waffles on Beverly Boulevard

UD - Shaky Alibi Hard to remember a day that wouldn’t have been better with more coffee and more waffles.

Welcome to your new and improved Wednesday—a new coffee bar and wafflerie called Shaky Alibi is now open on Beverly Boulevard.

It might look like an ordinary neighborhood coffee shop, but it’s the first one around serving waffles from an old family recipe born in Liège (Belgium’s third-biggest city). They’re made from yeast, not batter, which creates something like a doughnut in waffle form—soft and chewy on the inside, with a crispy crust of caramelized sugar on the outside.

All of which means you’ll want to meet up here before catching Inception at the Grove (it's just a couple blocks away), take a seat at the bar and order up a Liège Pearl Sugar Waffle with a spread of dark chocolate, caramel and/or Speculoos. (That last spread is like if peanut butter were made of graham crackers, and, yes, it comes creamy or crunchy.)

There are also shots of liquid chocolate and a Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich.

And as for what to drink—other than the liquid chocolate—the coffee and espresso are specialty house concoctions, and you’ll detect hints of chocolate and tobacco in the latter.

You’ve been wanting to consolidate your espresso and cigarette habits into one vice...


Shaky Alibi
7401 Beverly Blvd
(at Martel)
Los Angeles, CA, 90036

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