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A Sprawling LES Art Bar

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Once upon a time, a bar could just be a bar.

Yet in the bold landscape of 21st-century nightlife, watering holes of all stripes aspire to be more—movie theaters, barbershops, ice-capped vodka caves lit by torchlight (any day now).

Today, we bring you word of what we can best describe as a giant Lower East Side lounge/art scene/hipster Circuit City with the soul of a vintage nightclub. It’s called Culturefix, and it’s open now to serve the kind of bohemian culture crowd that once lubricated Andy’s Factory.

To find this behemoth, look no further than... a tiny, rustic wine bar on Clinton Street. Acquire a bottle and proceed through a second door in the rear, and you’ll instantly be inside a huge art gallery with picnic tables and a rotating cast of performing tattoo artists, hairdressers and hip-hop artists.

Drinking in the gallery is not only allowed, it’s encouraged. Amidst heaving gallery shows and oddball events—think live tattoo parties—you and your favorite avant-garde denizens will claim a picnic table for the prolonged consumption of wine and Basque tapas.

And yet, after the third plate of truffled goat cheese and caviar, once you’ve had your fill of bacon or popcorn cupcakes, you may yearn for even more. That’s where the electronics come in. Through a third door, or accessible from the street, is a full lifestyle electronics shop, stocked with micro-mini computer speakers, vintage calculator watches, indestructible headphones and a large stash of Polaroid film.

Try not to smear them with truffled goat cheese.

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