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Beer and Cheesesteaks in a Converted School Bus

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Ah, the school bus. Where legends were made. Where wedgies were given. Where innocence was lost.

Now imagine if it had a bar.

Introducing The Bus Bar at Trusty’s on Capitol Hill, an appropriately named watering hole now open in the joint’s new upstairs level.

Here, they’ve done what you undoubtedly wanted to do in your most John Hughes-inspired high school fantasies: carve up your morning bus and celebrate atop its skeleton with a few cans of beer.

To get there, you’ll bypass the industrial metal bar downstairs and head on up, where your big yellow transport to boozy heaven awaits. You’ll take a seat under the chandeliers fashioned from thermoses and Dukes of Hazzard lunchboxes, and buckle yourself in (no, really) to one of the bus’s bench seats. (That’s where the troublemakers sit.) There, you’ll order up any number of canned beers, from Keystone Light to Porkslap Pale Ale, and feast on pub fare like half smokes and The Stacker, a BLT piggybacking on a grilled cheese.

Once the sun sets and the mercury drops, you’ll have undoubtedly made friends with some of your fellow passengers (you both hated biology class), so it will be time to head out onto the new, adjoining 30-seat patio.

Where you can still shoot rubber bands at the bartender.


1420 Pennsylvania Ave SE
Washington, DC, 20003


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