Land Tortoise Diving

By George

Wreck Diving at Lake George

UD - Land Tortoise Diving This weekend, you have plans.

Plans that most likely involve whiling away long hours on the water, water skiing past the Statue of Liberty and saluting sides of beef grilling in the Hamptons.

But if you’re still in the market for some Patriotic water-based activity, we may have just the thing...

Allow us to introduce you to Land Tortoise Diving, an aquatic safari aboard a 250-year-old sunken British warship sitting at the bottom of Lake George and awaiting your perusal at this very moment.

Yes, you’ll need an advance scuba course to visit, and we recommend a dry suit—which is like a wet suit, but drier. But after your Cousteau phase of 2006, that shouldn’t be an issue.

To get there, just contact one of the lake’s dive operators to hop on a boat. It’s here that things start to get a little intense: the descent only takes a few minutes, but the water grows more and more murky the deeper you go. Also, colder. So by the time you reach the bottom, it will be slightly cooler than the air in your refrigerator.

But this is also the secret to the old broad of a ship’s well-preserved looks. You’ll have 20 minutes to circle the warship’s towering wooden hull. There aren’t many fish down here—just you and an American relic older than America herself. Your dive master will have told you not to step onto the boat itself, that it’s a protected historic preserve, the oldest sunken warship in America. But take your time, soak it all in, savor a moment for Old Glory, and then go celebrate the best way you know how.

By toasting England’s defeat in the World Cup.


Land Tortoise Diving
at Rich Morin’s Professional Scuba Center
20 Warren St
Glens Falls, NY, 12801

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