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Your New Montana Camping Retreat

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The fine craft of butling.

An art typically reserved for castles, Wayne Manor and wherever Mr. Belvedere lived.

But not... camping. And that’s where the big thinkers in Big Sky Country come in.

Welcome to Creekside Camp, a new home for all your camping, fly-fishing and/or manservant needs, open now in Montana.

In short, it’s the next best thing to a weekend at Ted Turner’s place. You’ll fly into Missoula, then head about a half hour over to Greenough, where six tented suites await your arrival. There, you’ll have enough space to fit a family of four (though how you define family is up to you), along with a private deck for taking in the sights and a semi-open-air shower (for letting the sights take in you).

You’ll spend your days horseback riding around the 37,000-acre property, or fly-fishing for trout in Blackfoot River—basically, A River Runs Through It, but minus Brad Pitt. (Though we wouldn’t rule out a cameo.) Guiding you through it all will be your own personal butler (yes, potentially the first camping butler you’ve ever met), who will be tasked with making sure you have fresh coffee in the morning and s’mores and wine around the campfire at night.

Think of him as a s’mores sommelier.


Creekside Camp
at The Resort at Paws Up
40060 Paws Up Rd
Greenough, MT, 59823


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