The Ice Harvest

Ice Factory Turned Hotspot in Mexico

Sometimes one's destiny doesn't emerge until one learns to chill out.

La Purificadora, new in the colonial city of Puebla, Mexico, began its life as a purification plant, where water was distilled and bottled for ice. Two centuries later, leading Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta and leading Mexican design hoteliers Grupo Habita have transformed the structure into a boutique hotel-the modern landmark of a reemerging city. The original stonewalled factory anchors the building (providing a nice blue-collar-but-not-too-blue-collar feel), while the 26 rooms incorporate bespoke tile, local wood and onyx. Glass staircases and balconies run up three new floors to a rooftop terrace, featuring an aquarium-style glass-walled pool (swim laps or pretend to be a blowfish-the choice is yours).

While purity inspires the design, the after-hours atmosphere is anything but. High-end celeb-chef Enrique Olivera (drawn southeast from Mexico City) is behind La Purificadora's first-floor restaurant/hotspot, where you can go for the local mole poblano and peruse the lengthy wine list, or sit at the chef's table, surrounded by a true-to-theme "water mirror." After dinner, head up to the rooftop for a rompope or three at the open-air bar, accompanied by panoramic views of the city and music late into the night.

Reinvention never felt this pure.


La Purificadora
Callejon de la 10 Norte 802

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