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The most American of all American holidays is this Sunday, and at this point you’re probably on the verge of getting the Stephen Colbert eagle (or just Colbert) tattooed on your arm out of sheer national pride. If that’s not enough patriotism, here are five great places to spend the Fourth. Happy birthday, America.

Dante’s Patio Party

Dante’s Patio Party

Why: Dante’s huge patio has perfect views of the Charles River and Beacon Hill. Plus, you’re guaranteed a seat inside, there’s all-you-can-eat BBQ (lobster, sliders, veggies) coming off the grill all day, and you get two drink tickets for the outdoor bar.
Fireworks Visibility: Good to great. Depending on how close the fireworks barge is, it could be like you’re suddenly in The Hurt Locker.

Jul 4, 6pm-2am, $100, Dante’s, 40 Edwin H Land Blvd, Cambridge, 617-497-4200 for tickets

Sam’s First Fourth

Sam’s First Fourth

Why: On the deck, you’ve got stretch views of the Harbor and all-you-can-eat BBQ (hot dogs, burgers, slaw). Or you can head there early, grab a premade picnic basket (comes with a blanket) and score a front-row seat for the annual USS Constitution turnaround.
Fireworks Visibility: Depends. If the barge is in the right spot, you could catch them. Otherwise, the downtown skyline will look and sound like it’s being hit by RPGs in the distance.

Jul 4, 11am-11pm, $15 baskets/$25 BBQ, Sam’s, 60 Northern Ave, 617-295-0191

The Yard at the Liberty Hotel

The Yard at the Liberty Hotel

Why: Because nothing says independence like partying at a former house of incarceration. The Yard lounge will be grilling up burgers, dogs and corn on the cob all day out on the grass, and you can take in the DJ doing his best Shawshank Tim Robbins while you sip red, white and blue cocktails (red and white sangria, blueberry mojitos).
Fireworks Visibility: Potentially good, given the proximity to the river. If your view is obstructed, walk across the street to the Charles.

Jul 4, noon-8pm, no cost, cash bar, Liberty Hotel, 215 Charles St, 617-224-4000

Ocean Club’s Marina Bay BBQ

Ocean Club’s Marina Bay BBQ

Why: If you’ve been meaning to get to the Ocean Club since its opening, Sunday may be your day. They’re throwing a full-scale BBQ from 3 to 7pm with all-you-can-eat burgers, chicken and dogs, and if you get there before 8pm, you won’t have to pay the higher cover, which is un-American.
Fireworks Visibility: Solid. You should have a nice, clear view of the Quincy and South Shore ’works from either the cabanas or a spot in the compound right along the water.

Jul 4, 3pm-1am, $10, Ocean Club, 333 Victory Rd, Quincy, 617-689-0600, RSVP here to get in free before 7pm

Roof-Deck Grilling Over Fenway

Roof-Deck Grilling Over Fenway

Why: Unbeknownst to many, the classic Sox watering hole The Baseball Tavern is one of the hidden gems for viewing the fireworks each year. Once on their Fenway outfield-esque rooftop, you’ll have a massive BBQ in front of you (burgers, wings, watermelon), Jell-O shots and views unto Fenway herself.
Fireworks Visibility: You’d have to actually be one of the fireworks to have a better view.

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