Unwind on Union

Re: Wind

A New Skylight-Lit Bar on Union

What we lack in rooftops, we’re starting to make up for in sundecks.

We started with Marengo and its retractable roof, and Skool’s patio. And we’re more than happy to announce that another solarly enhanced hangout is on its way.

Introducing Unwind on Union, a new Cow Hollow bistro with a roomy, glass-ceilinged patio bar that’s bringing the best of the outdoors indoors, opening this Friday.

Because the whole roof is made up of continuous skylights that can open up at any given moment, this spot offers just the right insurance for a typical San Francisco summer day (read: fog-filled mornings and nights, windy afternoons and that crucial midday break of sun).

This all means that you’re in luck when you need something hearty and rib-sticking to soak up a night of cocktailing. On those occasions, grab the plush gold corner banquette just past the bar and keep the crab cake sliders coming—as well as pizza-by-the-foot and the beer-can chicken from a menu prepped by Dan Aykroyd’s former private chef.

Four whole fried chickens not on the menu...


Unwind on Union
1875 Union St
(at Laguna)
San Francisco, CA, 94123

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