Wayfare Tavern


A New Power Lunch Spot in FiDi

Lately, the power lunch scene in the FiDi has been pretty dismal (cue the tumbleweeds).

But we've seen the light.

And we're happy to report a few signs of life...

Welcome Wayfare Tavern—a new tri-level lair devoted to strong cocktails, turn-of-the-20th-century dining and deep leather booths made for high-stakes negotiations—opening next week, and taking reservations now.

Located in the former Rubicon spot, Wayfare picks up where the iconic power lunch spot left off—complete with a wine vault housing close to 5,000 bottles, flooring made of wood reclaimed from a Kentucky tobacco barn and taxidermy.

Of the three floors, you'll do best to stay on the first and reserve one of the long, chocolate-brown booths—closest to the bar—that looks plucked from a Gold Rush-era saloon. Then, start things off with a Sazerac before dipping into a dozen oysters or cracked crab from the raw bar.

You'll find power lunch staples as well as the less conventional Hangtown Fry—crispy oysters, bacon and Petaluma eggs. And just in case you don't have to hurry back, head upstairs for a few games of pool in the billiard room, where you can keep the cocktails coming.

You know, for uninterrupted concentration.


Wayfare Tavern
558 Sacramento St
(at Montgomery)
San Francisco, CA, 94111

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