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A New Late-Night Rooftop with Cigars

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For a second, let's talk about sin.

Actually, hold on. First, let's focus on cocktails. And a rooftop high above the city. And dancing. And... why not... hand-rolled cigars.

In short, let's talk about Eden, a new four-story stunner of a nightclub, risen from the ashes of Eyebar and opening tomorrow.

First things first: they won't banish you for sampling any forbidden fruit. You will, however, be tempted: as you ascend the stairs, you'll encounter a dark cocktail den on each floor.

Resist. For when you reach the thin air of the rooftop, you'll step into a scene straight out of Cuba—in, say, 2040, when freedom reigns and the world is illuminated by LED lights synced to a DJ's beats. Still more lights—those in the shape of raindrops—will provide ample lighting for the granite tiki bar, beckoning you with stiff tropical drinks. (The forbidden fruit you've been warned about.)

Ultimately, you'll make your way to the back smokers deck, where the in-house tobacconist will roll you one of the club's private-label, Cuban-seed Nicaraguans.

Which we're pretty sure is what Adam would smoke.

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