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Never Get a Street Cleaning Ticket Again

UD - Parkzing Parking: a massive, unfun, inconvenient and yet necessary evil.

Parking tickets: just plain evil.

So we thought you should know about Parkzing, a new iPhone app that reminds you to move your car when you're parked in a street cleaning zone, ready for download now.

This will be your weapon of choice against the trigger-happy early morning brigade of DPT carts escorting the street sweeper at those ungodly hours when the rest of the world sleeps.

Once you've parked, you'll turn the app on by clicking the "I've parked" icon. This triggers the app's GPS, so it'll know exactly where you're parked. (You can select the exact block your car's on with a tap, just to be sure.)

After that, Parkzing takes over. Around nine o'clock the night before, you'll hear an alarm: time to move your car. But if you prefer to test fate—or if you're otherwise engaged—you'll also get a final warning just 10 minutes before street cleaning begins. That's your cue to throw on your nearest pair of jeans, grab your keys and bolt to your car.

Technically, the jeans are optional.

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