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A Tasmanian Resort Complete with Private Island

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Lately, when you head to the shore, it seems like you're encountering more people than beach. If it keeps up, you may have to get a private island of your own.

Or at least rent one.

Welcome to Saffire Freycinet, a gloriously secluded new Tasmanian resort by the shore, taking reservations now.

You'll arrive and find just 20 rooms perched on a sandy peninsula, all with floor-to-ceiling views of the bay... so private there's no need for curtains. Outside, you'll have a few hundred miles of beach to yourself (okay, and your 19 neighbors). But if you need even more distance from humanity, hop a ferry and putter around a nearby private island—it's a national park whose only visitors are resort guests (that'd be you) and the passing whales.

Once you're hungry, you can wade over to their marine farm and scoop oysters straight out of the water and into your mouth, with a splash of Saffire's housemade champagne vinegar sauce from your pocket. After the appetizers, take the house helicopter to the Highland Lakes region—a huge network of streams, ponds and rivers with some of the Southern Hemisphere's best fly-fishing—or just head back to your room, where a chef will be at the stoves prepping a private 12-course feast of king crab and wild clover lamb paired with a dozen Tasmanian wines.

In case you've decided you'd like some company after all.

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