Things to do for June 03, 2010

The Weekender

In the Ladies' Room, Sushi Sailing and Crawfish

The weekend is treating itself like royalty.

Brand-New Perks

Brand-New Perks

This week, Perks is giving you access to one of the biggest, baddest culinary events of the year. And because you're a member of UD, you'll get in for a third of the price. You'll also get a chance at an hour-long tennis lesson with the legendary John McEnroe, who'll give you tips on everything from charging the net to the proper way to berate a myopic line judge. Yes, we are being serious.

Lamb Chops and Modern Art

Lamb Chops and Modern Art

B.E.S. has been boldly blurring the lines between brunch, bar, art gallery and auction house since it opened last month. Today the bold blur grows to include a dinner menu (think ginger-crusted snapper with peanut miso dressing). Consider it the perfect opener to a night of other strangely pleasing blurs.

Every night, 6:30pm-midnight, B.E.S., 559 W 22nd St (at 11th Ave), 212-414-8700

60% Off at Theory

60% Off at Theory

As you commence your eastward march towards the Hamptons this summer, you'll want to provision yourself for the journey with swim trunks and shorts. Theory is here to help, with summerwear at 60% off. Travel easy...

Jun 3-7, 10am-6pm, (Thu 8am-8pm, Fri 8am-6pm), Theory, 139 Fifth Ave, 2nd Floor, 212-398-2777

The Cultural Pick
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Brooklyn International Film Festival


Brooklyn International Film Festival

In just a few hours, the cinephiles, hipsters and hipster-cinephiles of the borough to the east will be converging on the eight-day feast of cinema that is the Brooklyn International Film Festival. The lineup includes soon-to-be-classics like Jesus 2000, Meatwaffle and something that's being described as "the Polskie Fargo." Good luck out there.

411: Jun 4-11, Brooklyn International Film Festival, 718-388-4306, schedule and showtimes here
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The Ladies of the Ladies' Room

The Ladies of the Ladies' Room

Cocktail waitress turned photographer Zoe Buckman has gone where few men have dared to go. Consider this your lens on nightlife, as seen through the den of makeup, chatter and vamping that is the women's room. The results are a glimpse into an intimate, private space being used in ways even you never thought possible.

A 10-Hour Crawfish Chow-Down

A 10-Hour Crawfish Chow-Down

You've come for the buttermilk fried chicken, but you haven't really been to the Redhead until you've been set loose upon a daylong serving of boiled crawfish, sausage, corn, potato, artichoke and roasted garlic. New Orleans may be 1,300 miles and 277 days away, but consider this crawfish boil a ticket to your own Mardi Gras of the mind.

Jun 6, noon-10pm, $30, The Redhead, 349 E 13th St (at First Ave), 212-533-6212

Sushi at Sea

Sushi at Sea

Yes, it's perfectly fine to take your date to a sushi bar for a few rolls and a few beers. But it's a whole lot more fine to take your date on a two-hour sailboat ride fueled by platters of nigiri and flights of sake. Especially when they are prepared by skipper Morimoto, one man who understands how best to make use of the bounteous delicacies of the sea.

Various dates, $110, Morimoto Sushi and Sake Sunset Sail, Chelsea Piers, tickets here

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