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This is it, people.

At this very moment—this pristine, shimmering moment—summer is stretched out before you in one glittering, sun-mottled canvas of possibility.

Let's start things on a high note. Extremely high.

Introducing Epic Sky, a new patio overlooking Hubbard Street, here to serve as your cabana-filled summer cocktailing oasis.

This is the sun-baked apogee of the already highly vertical, multi-leveled dining-and-drinking experience that is Epic. So you'll feel like you're on familiar ground, even if said ground is three stories above street level.

It helps that all the trappings of your Miami weekend pied-à-terre have been conveniently relocated to River North. There are couches, naturally. Potted plants. Big buckets of champagne chilling everywhere. Then we come to the bar, a stunner of orange-and-white modernism, cool and crisp, and curiously reminiscent of a creamsicle.

So on nights when you need to feel a breeze through your hair, or through someone else's, make your way up for refreshments. There's no food served here just yet—unless you count the White Rabbit, a vibrant orange-vodka and carrot puree that is worth traveling down the rabbit hole for.

If you leave now, you can catch Alice.


Epic Sky
at Epic
112 W Hubbard St
(between LaSalle and Clark)
Chicago, IL, 60654


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