Don't Ever Change

Clothes Built for Fridays

UD - Unis Here we are again. Friday afternoon, with a full slate of Friday-afternoon-type tasks. You must:

1) Leave work.
2) Go home and change.
3) Head to the nearest rooftop/patio/yacht and do some serious elbow-bending.

Actually, let's just do 1 and 3.

We'd like to introduce you to Unis, a line of clothes ready for whatever your Friday can throw at them, now available at Apartment Number 9.

First off, you'll recognize everything here: khaki pants and button-down shirts, a henley, a polo, a sturdy jacket ready for an alfresco safari down Damen. Your usual assortment of warm-weather essentials.

So, those Fridays—and we've all had them—when you find yourself in the conference room diligently team building, number crunching, brainstorming and/or spitballing... in khakis. Suddenly, an urgent text. You're needed at the bar, stat. No time to explain—it involves bourbon, burlap and that Brazilian stewardess from last week... complicated stuff.

The next thing you know, it's 3am, you're at a clandestine taco joint in Pilsen, a bottle of mezcal under one arm, a copy of The Sun Also Rises under the other, and that flight attendant with you looks more Swedish than Brazilian.

Frankly, you're not sure about a lot right now. Only this: your pants look flawless.

You can worry about the rest of the night tomorrow.


available at Apartment Number 9
1804 N Damen Ave
Chicago, IL, 60647

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