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After yesterday's festivities—loved the pink gorilla costume, by the way—you might need a weekend for your weekend.

The kind of quick escape that involves soaking your muscles, eating some steaks and maybe consuming a little hair of the dog. And by maybe we mean definitely.

Welcome to the DeLoach Winery Guesthouse, a new hot-tub-and-pool-equipped villa in the heart of wine country, available now for all your weekending needs.

Located in the former house of the guy who started the winery, this is where you'll go for an overnight retreat from the city. It's a villa with three suites, so you might want to bring along some coupled friends (or you can rent out the whole thing for a grand). Here, you'll find all the comforts of home—assuming you live somewhere with a 1,000-bottle wine library, and a private chef who will make you steaks for dinner and locally grown eggs for breakfast.

But you're not coming here (only) for the private chefs and vineyard views: there's also a swimming pool (just in time for summer, when the temps can get about 20 degrees higher here than they are in the city). And, the coup de grâce, a fully fledged hot tub, ready to help you and your guests ease those aching muscles.

Aching muscles completely optional.


DeLoach Winery Guesthouse
1791 Olivet Rd
Santa Rosa, CA, 95401
707-526-9111, ext 100


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