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Fresh air. Sweeping skyline views. Long hair blowing in the breeze.

Rooftop bars have it all.

Except a roof of their own.

Which is typically not a problem, especially if you enjoy drinking in the company of direct sunlight. But on a cold, rainy day like today, a day when all hope is lost, there's no more lonely place than a windswept, abandoned rooftop bar.

And yet, even in this most unseasonable of storms, life is stirring on one rooftop. One newly opened, glass-enclosed rooftop in Chelsea. Welcome to Glass Bar.

Think of Glass Bar as a roof for a rainy day, a place to steal away from the scene and bunker down for a moment of calm. On pleasant days, the glass roof—perched atop Chelsea's 20-story Hotel Indigo—is open to the air on all sides. But on a gray battleship of a day, the sides are wrapped in a transparent, waterproof covering, creating your booze-fueled sanctuary in the storm.

You'll want to show up later today, shake off the raindrops, order a Cucumber Spritzer, and then sit back as heaven's wet wrath rains down on the city streets. Toast to the wet souls below, with neither glass roof nor cucumber gin to keep them warm and dry.

As you know, the best umbrellas are made of cucumber gin.

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