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A One-Stop Shop for the Weekend

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Packing for your weekend getaways is pretty simple.

A good pair of jeans. Some sunglasses. A vintage chandelier from the Palmer House.

Well, you've got to have something to swing from...

Welcome to Space519, a new one-stop shop for all your crazy weekend needs, opening today on Michigan Avenue.

Consider this a cruise down Route 66 with the wind in your hair, the stereo on full blast and the guys from the legendary (if recently shuttered) Jake now serving as your copilots.

The first stop: New Mexico, where they've picked up a few belt buckles, vintage pocket knives and some cans of that incomparable Albuquerque delicacy, Hatch chilies. But by the time you hit the coast, it's all driftwood lamps, a few well-chosen surf-rock CDs and classic flip-flops from Flojos.

Rounding out your trip: some antique hotel chandeliers, refurbished vintage Timex watches and special palm-size Japanese digital cameras designed to take artsy pictures. (Nothing captures the mood like something slightly out of focus.)

They still dabble in menswear—and by dabble, we mean they offer a single shirt line from Matt Singer (who happens to make a perfectly rumpled oxford) and jeans from Baldwin, a denim specialist from that hotbed of jeans-making, Kansas City. Also, a hoodie from the company that makes Danish navy uniforms, perfect for a beach bonfire.

Or enlisting in the Danish navy.


900 N Michigan Ave, 5th Floor
(between Walton and Delaware)
Chicago, IL, 60611


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