Vapur Trail

A Water Bottle for Your Pocket

UD - Vapur Water Bottle It's been a tough few days, water-wise.

But when this whole H2O fiasco blows over, we have a new item for your Boston Water Renaissance™.

Say hello to Vapur, the first reusable water bottle you can fold up and stuff in your pocket, available now.

If a giant tube of toothpaste and a Capri Sun were genetically crossed in an MIT laboratory, you would get Vapur. Like any normal water bottle, you can fill it up with water (it holds 16 ounces) and take it to your favorite places: the Charles River, the Back Bay, Rondo's house.

The big difference is, when you've drained it of every last ounce of clean, crisp, beautiful water (it does exist), you can roll it up and stow it away in your pants, backpack or briefcase (foldable water bottles are great for intimidation during mergers/acquisitions).

Of course, there's nothing that says you have to carry only water in this. It's dishwasher-safe, so you should feel free to fill it with any number of delicious refreshments: Kool-Aid, soda... perhaps even an alcoholic beverage of some kind.

Not to give you any ideas...

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